Go-tcha tick change issues


I recently purchased a Go-tcha and it was working perfectly fine, no issues until the tick that is meant to be showing to allow you to connect to your device, on the Go-tcha is now a cross and every time i try holding down the button to change it to a tick the screen will flash until it resets itself. On all the other functions i am able to change from cross to tick apart from the one that allows me to connect to my device. Ive tried forgetting the device and reconnecting but now the device is not even showing. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Hey honestly I can’t help much but to me sounds like it may be faulty or damage to would be best to contact the provider. Also you may get a bit more help posting in support rather than general discussion :slight_smile:


I’ve had this problem before, and it got solved by forgetting the go-tcha from every phone you’ve connected the go-tcha to in Bluetooth settings. Or You can try to hard reset it by plugging the go-tcha into the charger and then quickly plug that charger in and out of a power bank or an outlet 10-20 times. There is also an app for it to IOS, called “Go-tcha Updater”.


You don’t connect it to your device by selecting the tick. It pairs up by just taping the device and the check box ticks itself once its paired.
Step 1. Make sure your Gotcha is charged up. An almost flat Gotcha doesn’t Pair up well or will drop connection soon after Pairing. 2hrs is enough to fully charge it.
Step 2. Reset the Gotch by as described above by taking it in and out of the Charger 10 times. Make sure power to charge is on and it’s touched the connections when doing this. It wont give you any indication its done anything.
If it still wont Pair up to your device than go to step 3.
Step 3. Completely wipe the Gotcha from your Devices Blue Tooth options so it has no memory of the Gotcha
Step 4. Re setup the Gotcha on your Device just like you did the very first time.

I’ve used all the above options to get mine going a few times now.
Most of the time the 10 times reset has fixed the Pair up issue.
A few times I’ve had to delete and Re set it up.


Having exactly the same problem. the fifth screen, showing the “connect to device” animation, has an X that I can’t change to a check mark. I’ve “forgotten” the device, reinstalled PoGo app, tried reconnecting, etc. but nothing has changed the fact that the Go-tcha won’t change from X to CHECK as far as allowing pairing. Tried all four steps from Notanotherkangaskhan…


It’s true you don’t connect by changing it to a tick. But I think it’s also true that the app won’t connect when the box is set to X.

At the very least, the app won’t connect to a Go-tcha that doesn’t allow the user to change the mark to a tick, to describe my problem.


Hold button it down while on that screen till the x goes away