GO Snapshot announced: Take AR Photos of Pokémon from the Storage


Looks great I guess. I have always wanted this option, even though it’s not really useful.


I’m so mad!!!


You dislike it?




Why? It looks great


I also thought of this idea


Same here. But I think it’s useful. When grinding or catching in total darkness you can’t/don’t have the time to make an AR photo.


I just changed the name of the share your ar(+) photos to include the snapshot feature


It’s so stupid! Not everyone has AR!


… And its worse than not having anything because…
Look, they cant stay at the lowest specs forever, the game needs to develop, especially since its an AR game


It wouldn’t hurt to add AR to the millions of players who don’t have it.
They could add a new feature isntead, that perhaps didn’t involve AR, then add AR to more players then add this feature.
All its gonna do for me is add bugs so yes its worse


How many phones can run AR+ but dont? Genuinely asking, I have no idea


You dont have AR or you dont have AR+?
Because if you mean you dont have AR how can your phone still run Pokémon GO?


How many people can run AR or AR+ but prefer not to?

As impressed as I am by the technology involved, I very strongly prefer to play Pokemon Go in non-AR mode.


I do as well, but this is something different


Sorry for my confusion. This sounds like a sort of non-AR AR, and my ability to distinguish AR from AR seems to be congenitally impaired…


This looks fun! It puts less stress in doing it while trying to catch it. I’m down.




All the talk about using AR and who does not have AR and I mention I don’t like using AR, it’s confusing to be told what you’re talking about is something different. (And I’m trying to make light of my confusion, rather than be frustrated by it.) So when is AR not AR?

AR de AR AR… (being silly or trying to be)


No, I mean that catching and taking pictures of Pokemon that cant flee is rather different if you havent noticed