GO Hub Articles - Turtwig Community Day Announced!



I have to work that day.:expressionless:


I like Torterra, and I love the prospect of 3x catch stardust. Enough to make an effort to get from work to play as quickly as possible that day. If all goes well I might make an hour of the event.

Catching Turtwigs is easier said than done, with them being almost as close as Castform and almost as prone to breaking free as some Legendaries.


I will be in Peru for travel. Don’t know if I will be able to play.


Guess im skipping this once. I have a Taekwondo Europe championship that day


I actually don’t know if I can attend. But I’ve candy enough and a Turtwig read for the CD move.


I’m ready for this one already.
Currently sitting on 1400 Candy and 2x 100% and a 900cp 98%.
Dust grinding will be the the big focus.
I’m no where near as prepared for the Fire and Water starters of this Gen that will follow.


At least 11-2, I’ll be able to do all 3 hours at work.


I’m ready for this Turtwig CD, 3x 98% with one being lucky and 3x 91%, over 1500 candy. Due to the increased boost in the current GO fest, hope to get some high IV weather boosted ones.

3x catch dust is always a good bonus on CD


Turtle time !


I think Shuckle feels a little bit left out…


Exemplary preparations, without which there’s a high likelihood of getting not much better than :poop: for CD. The Torterras you’ll have after this will be formidable, and you’ll have enough candy to max at least one of the two. (And with the special charge move guaranteed on CD, you won’t have to worry about using every TM you’ll ever see just to get the best moves.)


On most CD’s you would be right. But somehow last CD I noticed a higher CP average with multiple 90+CP. Seen a lot of 96,98 & 100% CP reported. Maybe be an incident, maybe not.


Yeah, hopefully that isn’t an isolated thing, but a trend. While I ran across one 86 Ralts during the day, the 98 that I evolved for the special move is one I had saved for more than a year on hopes that patience would pay off.

One of my trainers has a 98 and an 89 with CP over 1000 waiting for Turtwig Day, and the other has an 89 (and a month to find something better).




Great, I can finally skip a com- sees triple dust
Welp, intensive grind it is!


Haha thanks :joy::rofl:


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