GO Hub Articles - Research Breakthrough November and December 2019


Somehow the article does not load like it normally does… :thinking:


Once upon a time, I was so sick of the legendary birds … but it’s been awhile now so I’m OK with this.

… then again, that might also be due to my displeasure with two long months of just flower crown Eevee. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am super-cool :slight_smile: 3 birds are the last missing entries in my dex for Gen1 :cowboy_hat_face:


I still need the lilac fish for my collection, so with a bit of luck… pleeease


At least it’s something worth collecting the stamps for…I do have the dex entries, I also have the shinies (though Kyogre and Groundon only via trade… I just wasn’t able to get one myself)… But it’s better than Eevee.
I’d have preferred something we didn’t have umpteen times before though


What fish …??? :thinking::man_shrugging:


I still don’t have Shiny Articuno or Kyogre, so I’m fine with this. Plus extra candy for powering up the ones I already have is also welcome,


Im guessing shiny Kyogre (since Lilac seems to be a shade of purple :stuck_out_tongue: )

I still need a shiny Articuno so hopefully thatll show up.


Good point. I just assumed he meant Feebas, probably because that’s the lilac fish I don’t have (while I have 3 purple Kyogres). So I was confused, since Feebas isn’t on the radar screen for Research Breakthroughs in November or December.


Yes, @Robdebobrob was right, I’m sometimes too old to remember all these names… :skull_and_crossbones:
(Sometimes ago there was an emoticon of an old man with stick, but I don’t find him any more)


It never hurts to have more guaranteed legendary candies


I’m happy for this research because I still don’t have Kyogre and only have shiny Groudon. I also need better IVs and 100% IV legendary.


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