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That’s a genuinely amazing idea, shame Niantic wont do that for whatever reason


I never had this problem, but this lock idea seems good, I hope Niantic picks it up.


Amen, brother. Deceptive bezels don’t help either.


Thay won’t


I like the idea of locking each Pokémon by yourself


That would be an excellent feature to have.


You never know though they did listen about being able to throw away premium raid passes


i didn’t happen often but i’ve had several times accidentally evoling something i meant to power up . chansey happened like 3 times, and a shiny eevee i wanted to prelevel for Glaceon/Leafeon. The chansey problem solved itself when i didnt have enough candy anymore for an evolve, but since time passed candy rolled in and it could happen many more times.
I also accidentally gave a bagon a second charge move during community day. Was just a non shiny, crappy IV that was meant to be stored. waste of candy and dust.

So, yeah, good idea.


They kinda put a lock over the evolve button at least. You need to purposely scroll up if you actually want to evolve something.


I hope the representatives of The Hup bring this awesome idea to Niantics development department.


I evolved the wrong Magicarp once back in 2016. I was not happy.


ouch :confounded:


That was 3 years ago. I’m all good now


Accidentally I have given a new attack to an expendable gymfiller. Cost me 75.000 Stardust. :confounded::confounded::confounded:


I actually powered up the Gyrados and made the best of it. Still have to this day.


I’ve given 2 Pokemon a second move and evolved a Wailmer by mistake.
The 2 with second move were keepers with the mistake made when Powering them up.
The Wailmer was just a complete stuff up. The Wailord was put in a Gym and transferred upon return.


I didnt misclick. I just simply forgot that Mewtwo couldnt learn shadow ball anymore when i TM’d both of my good ones to Ice Beam. A lock would have probably prevented that too.
This is a feature thats long overdue, and shouldnt be THAT hard (or heavy) to do.


Ice Beam is fantastic but Shadaow Ball is the Bomb.
The Wife has second charge move Shadow Ball / Focus Blast and I have Ice Beam / Focus Blast on the best Mewtwo. Stripping Gyms is super quick as no Pokemon can resist when both team up with both MAXed at L40. Co-ordinate to exploit weakness and it’s like a hot knife through butter.


I totally share your view of the idea, but am not convinced a priori that Niantic won’t do it. I’m still hopeful that it will somehow get done.

I’m also hopeful they will fix it so that the “bag full” condition for spinning stops is linked to the same “bag full” condition for opening gifts – to let the user “manage items” instead of just failing.

Hopeful, but neither confident, nor pessimistic.