Global Research Challenge


So now we know that after the two Safari Zone events and Go Fest we’re getting rewards if we complete a certain number of research tasks as well as an ‘ultra bonus’ but what do you guys think/hope those rewards will be?




Any regional other than Mrs mime


Special research featuring Celebi


Options for that ‘Ultra Bonus’ I came up with:

    1. A regional/multiple regionals will become globally for a limited time.
    1. All regionals will become globally for a limited time.
    1. All regionals will become globally.
    1. A regional/multiple regionals will become globally.
    1. Solrock/Lunatone will switch their locations.
    1. Gen IV’s release.
    1. Celebi will become available via Special Research.
    1. The realease of POI submission.
    1. New Alolan Pokémon.
    1. New Shinies.
    1. Shiny Mew via Special Research.
    1. PvP release.
    1. Trade release.
    1. New events.
    1. Lots of new Quests.
    1. The release of a few missing Pokémon (think about Smeargle, Clamperl, Nincada, etc.).
    1. New EX raid bosses.
    1. An in-game map, so you can see where the raid bosses are.
    1. Other

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I like the idea of regionals being available globally, like we had with Farfetch’d in the Global Catch Challenge. It should definitely be something that everyone is able to obtain


What I would like, all.


Thats a lot of ideas :sweat_smile:


We won’t see trading because it’s happening this week


Wasn’t announced by time of writing.
Btw I don’t want to make a new one, so just don’t vote on it I guess.

EDIT: If any Moderator wants to remove the Trade release option: Feel free🙃


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