Gifting limit


One last thing is kind of off topic remember it’s only a children’s game for the children that are playing it for people like me and you and Bobby Jack it’s just a game if that makes sense


But I know you’re right about the increase happening so far you and @Pokemon have been right about just about everything yall post


Just about. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

It only improves the game. I don’t see it as being OP, since everyone can get friends, there is always someone who is dropping a new FC who wants stardust/xp/eggs


Remember children cannot get friends or trade and what is FC


Friend code.

I am specifically talking about the ones who can actually have friends added.


That is why I set up a gmail account for my son when he got his phone last Christmas.


That was smart and I just thought of this but I would like the option to buy special gifts from the store


what would be inside?


Possibly more Stardust incubators lucky eggs lures instant it could be a hundred percent random between these items you could get one or two possibly five I think that’s a good idea


so random loot bag kinda. Add that to the collab part 6.


Yeah it could sell for 200-450 somewhere in there I would buy and send some since I stopped buying Yu-Gi-Oh recently I spend a lot more on the game


should be increased to 40 or 50 yeah.


I have 125-ish friends, but recently I haven’t been getting as much gifts, I used to have a huge problem when opening gifts, I think it might
be me being lazy and not sending gifts.


I’ve 60+ friends and over 25 of them are Best Friends now, so most of the time there isn’t a need to send gifts so much. I haven’t maxed out in opening my gifts in months. 20 seems fine to me as causing the item storage to get cramped is still an issue. Prioritize.


If you aren’t sharing gifts every 1-3 days people aren’t going to waste time sending them to you. Most people want something in return for their gifting.


Legit deleted 5 people because they actually thought i should open without them opening. Had the nerve to say “yo you havent opened it” while that person didn’t open for 3 days. So i deleted them.

NoChill2019 i aint working for you, we either 50/50 or we done.

I am sure many people on my list wants me to open their gift. Saddly i have others i must open also.


Me also cannot open gifts most of the time due to inventory being full and also saving the probability of getting 7km eggs specially those from far away places.

Sorry guys, but I see to it to always sent gift to them. Yesterday was a break since I have open all pending gifts except from @Pokemon :smile: I’m very Sorry since I am reserving our Ultra Friend for now in time with my Mass Evolution to maximize my Lucky Egg. I am still having a hard time upgrading my inventory since getting coins is somewhat unlucky. I manage to put some mons in gyms but they always been ejected by batches so I always got 50max and losing the others.


Rip but tell me when you are gonna open it I might have another ultra friend by then


Thanks! I hope it will coincide with your other incoming Ultra or Best Friend so that both of us will benefit on the x2 XP :grin:

I will PM you when I am ready so that you can set yours also. Also been busy on Real Life, even missing this month’s CD :disappointed_relieved: