Gifting limit


Do you want the number of gifts your able to open from your friends increased? At the moment it’s 20 i believe. With a friend list huge over 50 means you must really decide who to send and when. For myself i have 100+ friends and 200cap requests+ but i can’t be accepting more because i barely gift my list currently.

20 max is not necessarily the best limit in my mind. Choosing who to send/ causing drama not getting gift.

  • Yes increase
  • No it’s fine ill decids who i gift

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I think it was like this:
You can send limitless, but recieve only 100 per day from stops/gyms.
So if you save 10 from the previous day you can send 110 max a day.


so why say no


oh personally i dont need more. I can understand why other people would want to though.


So you don’t send gifts? or…you only have 20 friends?


Increase it! Why allow such a large number of friends when you can only gift 10% of them a day?


I have 142 friends and i send whatever gifts i have when i feel like it. Sometimes its 7 a day, sometimes its 48…


Would like to send all in 1 day


I do that when i don’t have gifts, but if i knew i could gift more i would. Even keeping a tally of how many gifts i sent out should be added.


You can send more than 20 gifts. You can only receive 20 gifts


It would be unfair for rural players I guess…

I personally wouldn’t mind the cap for opening gifts raised to at least 40-50 per day. I don’t think there is a sending limit?

Only once you send a gift to all ur friends there is a limit?


We honestly can’t keep using “Rural” as an excuse to not add something to the game. You live where you live, the game is meant to basically make you explore the world. If your not going to spend money or gas then i say so be it.

When it’s snowing and i can’t go outside or raid or drop a mon in a gym( i am rural) i don’t complaine i live where i live and have to deal with it. Not everyone gets to be born in Goldenrod city or Safron.

Yes 40-50 is better than 20. The point is to be able to send to larger friend lists.

Look at it this way. if you increase it, then your able to send gift to “Rural” players for items🤷🏾‍♂️

edit - also for the rurals…aint Pokestop submission going to save them? :joy::roll_eyes:


You can only open 20 gifts. You can recieve as many as you have friends.


@5GodLink You make a good point and to everyone else I think one of the things he’s saying is it be good to carry more than a maximum of 10 gifts at a time it kind of sucks to go stack up 10 gift send them out go back out stack up 10 more send them out


You can only open 20 gifts, but I sent at least 40 today.


That’s not bad today was one of my best day so far I managed to send out. About 25 I would like a button like how you transfer Pokemon to send gifts like that highlight three or four people and send them all A gift at once




You voted yes. Your troll levels do no affect me at all.


I’ve asked this before and it’s off topic I know but what is a troll I am not joking I do not know what this term means