Gift Eggs from International Friends


Since a majority of my friends on Pokemon Go are out of the country does that mean my eggs could potential hatch a regional Pokemon from that area or does what hatches stick to what I would find in the US? I noticed that eggs come listed with where they came from when you select them. This may have been covered, but was considering this today since so many have started showing up in my gifts from international friends.


The eggs you recieve out of gifts are 7km eggs wich only hatch Alolan pokemon.
So no, you can not get a regional pokemon from those eggs.

The pokemon you hatch at your location, but from eggs you got from friends 1000km away will count as caught 1000km away. So thats nice for the trading distance medal.


Currently, I am only hatching international 7km Alolan eggs. Then I’m trading them with my son, so we get Pilot Badge.


The distance trades are also a good way to get extra candies, especially if your trade partners have distance eggs too so you can trade stuff that you need candies for instead of just transferring it.


I wish i had a trading partner… :crossed_fingers:please let Niantic let us do international trades, even if it’s only with best and ultra friends or just best friend :joy:


I wish i can trade with @Pokemon
Please Niantic :crossed_fingers:


What will we trade? I can give shiny natu


I have shiny natu


@Pokemon @coolguy761, I don’t have shiny Natu.:sweat:


Me neither. I did catch a Shiny Eevee today, though.


thx @HLAJR