Gift Boxes, Any Value This Time Around?


Couldn’t find a thread title related to the Gift Boxes that get rolled at event or new release time so here’s one to discuss the good the bad and the ugly.
Are they any use to you?
Do you think they are good vale?

I found this lot that were available Sat 10th Feb were no value and a big disappointment for me as a L40 player.

Special Box 480 coins
3 Incense
2 Incubators
6 Star Piece
Seriously Niantic this is rubbish for any level player. People want Raid Passes.

Great Box 780 Coins
4 Incubator
3 Lucky Egg
6 Premium Raid Passes
8 Star Piece
This might be ok for players chasing double XP and defiantly has some value over the Special Box. As a L40 player the only thing of any use is Raid Passes and the Star Pieces. I still consider it poor as I don’t really care for the Star Pieces.

Ultra Box 1480 Coins
8 Incubator
6 Lucky Egg
12 Premium Raid Passes
20 Star Piece
Lots of items making it ok value for all the same reasons as the previous Box. Once again for me as L40 there’s no point as All I really want is The Raid Passes for better or break even cost of buying them individually.


I worked out how much they would cost seperately. Star Pieces are considered Free for the purposes of this.

Special Box 480 coins
3 Incense
2 Incubators
6 Star Piece

580 coins - save 100

Great Box 780 Coins
4 Incubator
3 Lucky Egg
6 Premium Raid Passes
8 Star Piece

1380 coins - save 600

Ultra Box 1480 Coins
8 Incubator
6 Lucky Egg
12 Premium Raid Passes
20 Star Piece

2880 coins - save 1400

The great box and ultra box are better if you have the coins.


I agree on it. It’s one of the best boxes ever.

If you go for the incubators (8x) and raidpasses (12x) you get 2400 coins of value for 1480 coins. The rest then is free bonus. (great box same deal, only half items). If that’s isn’t a great deal then what is?


Agreed - best value box but it still depends on what you as an individual want to achieve. I can buy a $300 pair of jeans for $50 but if I only really wear shorts the cheap jeans are of no value to me (which is what I think @NotanotherKangaskhan was getting at).
Personally I think the Ultra box is great value, I just wish they matched the number of lucky eggs & star pieces so I can use each without running out of one or the other.
All I’m using these for is to grind both XP & stardust so I can power up the :100:%ers and some attackers for solo / duo raids.


That’s a great analogy and right on the money for me personally.
I totally expected to be in the minority.


For everything in the Great Box, the Ultra Box is the better deal. Which is why I value the Special box over the Great Box, since at least it has some different content in the Incense.
Want to buy a Great Box? - Buy the Ultra instead.
Want to buy the Special Box? - Go ahead, there’s no alternative.


Great box has a much better discount, Ultra box you should buy if you can


The Gift Boxes issued today Feb 25 are what I call excellent value. They got it right this time.
I have 2 problems though. Making enough space in the bag to fit 130 items when I buy 2 Ultra Boxes and it will take me ages to use 50 lucky eggs to get that bag space back.

Special Box
6 Raid Passes
3 Lucky Eggs
6 Razzes

Great Box
10 Raid Passes
8 Lucky Eggs
6 Max Potions
6 Pinaps

Ultra Box
20 Raid Passes
25 Lucky Eggs
10 Max Potions
10 Max Revives


Ultra box all the way!
I’d lucky egg as often as I could. I can use one on the way to and on the way back from work each day plus for an hour at lunch so that’s 4 per day.
Plus the star pieces & I’m happy!


Would’ve been more balanced if the Special box contained Super Incubators, Incense and Star Pieces instead, so people would be encouraged to mix different boxes. With this set, it’s just a matter of buying the biggest box you can afford.


Now were talking.
The Gift Boxes this time around have some exceptional value.

Special Box 480 coins
6 Premium Passes
10 Pianps
4 Lure Modules
No too often the smallest Box gives this sort of value with the Raid Passes exceeding the cost of buying them individually.

Great Box 780 Coins
12 Raid passes
16 Oinaps
6 Pokemon Stink
6 Lucky Eggs
Better value than the small box with 4 Raid Passes for nothing. Some Eggs thrown in for the L40 chasers.

Ultra Box 1480 Coins
24 Raid Passes
14 Star Pieces
10 Lure Modules
12 Lucky Eggs
This would have to be one of the best value boxes they’ve released so far. Its got something for everyone from the Raiders, the Dust Grinders and the L40 Chasers.
I’ve purchased 2 already and I’m looking to add at least 1-2 more just for the Raid Passes alone. Just need to dump enough items out of the bag to fit it all in.


Worthless boxes


The Ultra box is awesome but I refuse to spend actual money on game and only spend coins from gyms. Niantic probably hates players like me.


How is the Ultra box “worthless”?


No incubators, most of it are raid passes


Thats what makes them so good


Not for rurals
I already have 21 premium passes
The day that i will use them…


And rurals cant use much of battle-related items either, the only value for them are incubators, star pieces, and lucky eggs (and you cant even use that to its full extent if you are a rural)


I have 1 gym so i can use my potions and revives


Looks like the last round of Gift Boxes was good $ for Niantic so they’ve rolled out exactly the same again.
I know I’ll be getting more of the Ultras.

The Star pieces are very useful ATM as I dropped 3 on my 90min zig zag trip to work today stopping to work a few Gyms over at the same time and made 35K Start Dust on the Go Plus in that time.
I’ll be dropping Star pieces as much as I can while this event is on.