Getting rid of “Ace Trainer” badge


Ever since the gym renovation, we’ve had raids and done away with training in gyms of our corresponding colors. If there’s no more training, why is there still an Ace Trainer badge?


Probably because some people work hard to earn it and it would be unfair to them if it was removed from the game.


Exactly @Thorend, just you have it, but you can’t power it up


I know quite a lot of trainers who earned that badge by putting in a lot of time training / prestiging gyms before the gym rework came into effect (some upwards of 5,000 battles) and it would definitely be unfair to them to remove it.
It would be good however if in future alterations to the gym system, they brought prestiging / training back. It was fun using mons with half the CP of defenders to boost gym prestige.


I was 153 short of earning the Gold Ace Trainer badge when they did the gym rework. Before the gym rework, it was hard to find one of team’s gyms to train at though.


I was quite a late starter to the game 12/28/2016 and got mine to 1926 through a lot of hours bashing away leveling up Gyms 10K XP each level after L6. I’d be quite disappointed if they took the badge away.

It would be nice if they could develop something in the game that could continue that on.


I’m actually sad that we can no longer raise that badge, since i got only to silver :cry:


I agree, I’d rather see it return than being removed. In my area, gyms are predominantly one color, and full. If I can’t fight them and can’t fill them, training could at least help me gain points towards a gold gym. Plus, I’m now stuck with a bronze badge. :frowning:


They could being it back…

  • Bring training back
  • Dont bring training back

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I want them to bring training back, even if it gave you 10 stardust per battle that would be nice

But I’d rather they bring back useless training that just lets you battle without using potions and does nothing positive than do nothing.

A feature is still a feature.


They should just not give the badge to new players, unless they’re planning on bringing training back at some point.


Agreed - I started maybe a month ago (app never worked on my pos smartphone back in '16 & I only installed it on my current wifi tablet as a curiosity) and having a badge that I can’t currently work towards earning is irritating my OCD (I stupidly though it only became available if your team had a gym controlled by 6 fighting type 'mons … Actually that could be an interesting way to reintroduce this badge)


Take it as a fossil, we have it all (some completed, some not). It’s not nice, but we have to live with it.


Fossil it is … I wouldn’t mind if they got rid of the tiny Rattata badge instead tbh


Hihi, sii, your so right. I still not know what I have to catch to augment this number of this tinies…


No to removal of Ace Trainer or Tiny Rat.
I worked hard to earn those and only completed the Rat 2 weeks ago.


They won’t get rid of anything. It’s unfair to people who have put in work to earn them.

I don’t have a gold ace trainer badge, so I know your pain on it but the reality is that these badges are here to stay.


The game’s big enough to accommodate a variety of interests, goals, and styles. I have found the whole badge system to fall somewhere between an occasional distraction and a mild annoyance. I don’t notice when a new one is added, and I wouldn’t notice if an old one was removed; I basically just ignore them, for the most part.


They might find a way to bring training back. Fight in one of your own gyms to raise motivation back up if you already hit your berry limit.