Getting a new device


im getting a new Ipad 9.7 I never had anykind of apple product, just curious if im going to have issues playing pokemon go on it. Would appreciate to see anything from people who play or have played pokemon go on that device before.

Thanks in advance


Apple products seem to handle Pokemon GO better than most Android products, but due to the unwieldy nature of an iPad, it may prove a little more difficult.


Thats what im kinda worried about, my sister has a android tablet and pokemon go lags alot on that but will still play


A lot of the people in my raid group have iPads and they seem to like using them


Oh, it should run smooth with a stable connection. I’m just saying because of the size, it may prove to be a nit of an adjustment.


I can get used to the size difference. I go through verizon and never have any connection issues, was just hoping I dont have to deal with lag.
Thanks Arem and Ryan for the replies


Some people in my area use an iPad for their second account and it seems to work. But all the other people just use their smartphones


I’m running a 10XS Max and have no issues. It took a minute to learn to throw on the bigger screen but no game play issues.


Just learn on how to block all the STUPID Apple automatic updates that start anytime.
A guy that was with me on Feebas day, got his ipad updating when we where getting near the pokestop out of the village. He forgot to block them. He had to stay there, since my ride back to village was waiting. :persevere:


Does it have data capabilities, or just wifi??


It’s going to have it’s own service


Even better. It should be ok as long as you have a strong connection where you’re going to raid, as it should for any device rather.


Ipad with data service is literally the best thing you can play on…however, adventure sync seems to not work on it


got the device it works great. thanks everyone for the help