Gengar movesets


Hey everyone,
As some of you may know, there was another ex wave sent out today. I finally got a pass, after doing 100+ raids at eligible gyms. I was putting my team together tonight and I wanted to put my 96% gengar in, because of its double ghost moveset. Unfortunately, after using 23 CHARGED TMs, I was still switching between sludge bomb and focus blast. Would someone please confirm what I read on both the silph road and gohub that gengar can learn sludge bomg, focus blast AND shadow ball. Also, any personal experience comments regarding this would be most helpful.



Unless it’s changed in the last 4-6 weeks Gengar can learn Shadow Ball. I change a couple to that move back in May. That’s a raw deal flipping back and forth with the unwanted moves. Around 10-12 has been my worst trying to get Stone Edge on a Ttar. Funny thing now is I think it’s one I changed to Crunch for MewTwo Raids.


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