Generation V favorites?


I know Gen 5 is a real long way off, but anyone have a favorite Unova region Pokemon? Ones you’ve been waiting for a long time, or would love as a buddy or attacker?
Honestly it’s my least favorite generation, I think especially the starters are disappointing and forgettable. And then I discovered Cubchoo!!! Sooo cute, and it even ties in perfectly with my username :joy::joy:. Anyone else?


I never played Pokémon before so I have to learn them yet.


Zoroark and Hydreigon. Not many else…other than the legendaries. I find gen v pretty ugly.


Conkeldurr, Darmanitan, Gothitelle, and probably Chandaelure are my favorites from that gen.


Reshiram, Zekrom,


I stopped playing the games after gen 2, so everything is a surprise for me at this point

  1. Braviary 2.Chandelure 3. Carracosta 4. Crustle 5. Galvantula
    Honorable mentions


Me too, I mostly just read the online Pokedex.


My favorite gen 5 pokemon is my Darumaka nicknamed Hot Pocket, never did get around to evolving him because I liked him how he was!


Gen 5 is the only one my son doesn’t have for his 3DS. I’m learning what is in each Gen by watching the cartoon with my kids. I’m currently only 2 seasons into Gen 3.


Chandelure, Archeops, Excadrill, Reshiram, Zekrom


Hydregion,Excadrill and Chandelure.


Snivy is bwst



  1. Zoroark (I CANT wait)
  2. Haxorus
  3. Mighty Zekrom

Also, The Swords of Justice will be super fun raid bosses with lots of different counters.


I like keldeo and reshiram, deino - hydreigon is cool too.


Zorua is the best Pokémon in gen 5!!!


I know right