Generation IV - Gen 4: Rampardos


It’s coming… headfirst :rofl:. Rampardos is a Gen 4 pokemon, the evolution of Craindos. Rampardos has 295 attack, 114 defense, and 194 stamina. It is a pure rock type. Say bye to your Smack Down Tyranitar :stuck_out_tongue:! What are your thoughts?


4 words:


I forgot about this Pokemon. If you’d shown me it I probably would’ve thought it was Generation 5. But yes, head smash might be quite good.


Much love for glass cannons. Excited!


That attack stat :joy:


Don’t worry since it’s a one stage evolution it won’t be that hard. It will perform better than golden and I have no idea how good against smack down ttar.


Probably cost 50 candies to evolve, what biome is it usually in?


I would assume desert biomes like rhyhorn.


Cool glass cannon


It will be insane. Imagine the amzing movesets on a pure rock pokemom with 295 attack :joy:


@thinger95 and @Necrozmadabest , it does have a high - ish stamina stat to cope with the bad defense. So its not really like other glass cannons.


194 isnt enough to patch that up at all, its a pure glass cannon


Archeops is also cool


True… :joy:. But not as bad as some, I say.


Let’s see what the move sets would be.


Rock Throw Rock Slide Please.


Would Smack Down Rock Slide be acceptable? :grinning:


I thought they were the same :joy:


I’m OK with either one


If it’s Biom will be the same a Geodude and Rhyhorn I’ll should see and catch a lot of these.