Generation III - Why can't we catch these pokemon in the wild?


I remember it was around September time in 2016 and a wild dragonite randomly spawned on top of me and it was an amazing feeling but with the rare gen3 Pokemon we can’t catch them. I don’t get why we can’t catch Pokemon like Gardevoir and Salamence in the wild though. They are stopping us from going out for rare spawns as these are the main sort of rare Pokemon we are looking for. I know they don’t want us to complete are pokedexes too quickly but they can just make these Pokemon as rare as unown.


Salamence is possible to catch in wild, idk about Gardevoir tho


One word:


May I clarify:
I am not against spoofers, but niantic definitely are. Niantic didn’t want people teleporting and getting every new pokemon in the first day.


Spoofers can gather enough candy to evolve to a 3rd evolution easily.

Saying spoofers are the reason is an excuse.


Spoofers can be caught with ease, yet they arent
Not to mention that a spoofer can get them easily either way


real reason we can’t get 3rd stage evo’s is simple: keeping the game alive longer. If it takes you more time to get final evolutions, you play more. Play more = more money earned.
Also, imagine being done within 2 weeks with your dex, then what? It’s just to stretch the content.

Regarding the spoofing: they are keeping the game alive in their own way. Low playerbase would kill the game so eventhough it sucks, they help.


I don’t know, but IF they are going to add that you could catch them, I won’t because nothing great does appear here


I want Absol as a wild spawn. Nobody will come out to raid it.


They want people going around hunting for them either pre evolved or second evolution it seems, That is what my family and I do we go out and hunt.


Most of the “rare” Pokémon I’ve found have been useless/ bad like a 1700 gyarados and a 62 metang for example. Guessing if they had/you find a salamance, metagross and gardevoir in the wild it be a bad cp


Rarity has no impact on the ivs or the level


True, just giving my two cents from personal experience.


1700 gyarados is not onstant trash cus his level
Whats his IV?


I never said trash, I just said bad, as in weak, for battling. And idk I transferred it after I got my 3 one, I think it was a 50-60 IV


I wish Metagross,Salemance,Gardevoir,Slaking,and more good stuff could spawn in the wild.


Gardevoir can’t be caught wild, neither Salamence.


Maybe they should let them spawn wild upon Gen 4’s release


Pretty much the best thing I found in the wild (and caught) was a Pokédex 2045 gyrados an a shiny Kabuto


Wouldnt mind seeing 3000+Cp mon in wild. Atleast give me a reason to use ultra balls…catching articuno with pokeballs…

Only time i use ultra ball is if i randomly see a dragonite which is rare but thats honestly only Mon to use ultra ball on that i have encountered.