Generation III - We’re you disappointed by the comparison between Speculated Gen 3 and Actual Gen 3?


I expected a lot more out of generation three than what was given to us. Though the CP of some of these Pokémon makes sense, I believe that we could’ve gotten a bit more out of Pokémon like Blaziken or Flygon.

Which Pokémon from Generation 3 do you believe we’re too underwhelming in the current meta?


Well blaziken and flagon weren’t expected to be good coming in, blaziken has acceptable stats in game, but really depends on its ability, while flygon has decent stats but nothing crazy, it’s just a fan favorite. I guess the closest thing to underwhelmed would be the Pokémon that got nerfed: slaking, and I think kyogre and Groudon, I’m not positive about those two though.


Flygon sucks in the games as well, its only redeeming factor is Dragon Dance


I really thought that Raquaza would be better, as it stopped the feuds between Kyogre and groudon. But it is actually weaker than the both of them. I mean, its attack is good,but STILL


Its stats reflect the actual stats


Slaking had a huge build up heading into gen 3 and it was a disappointment. I do love the design of that whole evolution line though


Blaziken was one of my favs in game in Go it’s nothing to me, which is sad cause it was one of the first Gen3 i had in game and also in Go(first gen 3 evolution i got)

The rest are ughsss…like Gardevoir which is also one of my favs. But who am i to complaine bout stats and cp and all that…ill just keep using the same heavy hitters i alrdy got.

Hoping Lucario, Darkrai, Gallade are better but doubts are high.


Slaking was a monumental disappointment.
I was hoping for another Gym Pest like Blissey.


Lucario will suck, Gallade will be just a fighting-type Gardevoir, but Darkrai will be a fantastic hyper-offensive dark type


Did you not see a huge nerf from miles away?


I was not really disappointed I actually came out more satisfied then anything. Like Groudon, Kyogre, Rayqueza all came out as top mons as expected with best movesets for there type. I like what they they did to slaking because I did not want a blissey 2.0 in gyms or every raid using slaking because of his absurd atk stats. Sceptile had its time in the sun before FP venusaur become king but by no means is it bad.
The only thing that let me down was movesets for mons like gardevoir and metagross. Salamance was great a cool unique move that hits hard sucks its 1 bar but doesn’t devalue it.


I am not disappointed all at. New mom’s, new raids, new egg hatches… what is there to be disappointed about? :thinking:


I like Gen 3 better than Gen 2.


And gen 4 better than gen 3.


I don’t know anything about Gen 4 yet. I haven’t finished Advanced Battle Challenge cartoon yet.


These anime drive me insane sometimes. They show you a pokemon and then right after they say “whose that pokemon” and I just fall off my chair


I don’t understand how Ash can’t see past Team Rocket’s disguises.


He isnt smart and if he was the show wouldnt exist :joy:. Lets stay on topic, though.