Generation III - Generation 3 Hints


Before Gen 2 dropped we got an event to help us finish gen 1. Now we get raid update suggesting maybe they removing all or most of gen 1 poke from eggs to replace with gen 3?

Before Gen 2 there was an event in a time when the game had kind of got dull as everyone had finished (or almost finished) thier pokedex. . The same happens here

Before Gen 2 there was early release of some gen 2 pokes. Same again here.

5 months before Gen 2 we got the buddy system a new way of getting candy. Now 5 months ago almost we got the raids system, a New way of getting candy.

7 months after Pokemon go’s release we got gen 2. That’s a Pokemon about every 2.1 days. Following the same rule 281 days after gen 2 gen 3 would be released. That is 9 months 10 days roughly, putting the date at 25th November (coincidentally today’s date as of writing this).

Please remember that this is all speculation and pretty random. I personally expect Generation 3 to drop Early December with some new items and maybe a new level cap (50 maybe)


Level 50?! That would be ridiculously hard to hit, the last level would probably be 100 million XP


But wouldn’t it be better to have an upper level nearly unpossible to reach, then a lot of people stuck in 40 and without need to make more XP?


In that case it would sort of be like the EX System: where the vast majority know what to do but cannot do it (meaning getting a EXpass), And the tiny sliver that do reach it have even less to do.


I understand what you want to say, but if you don’t give something special to this players, a reason for going on playing, they will go.


You forgot the release of Ditto in November 2016 between the Halloween and the New Years Event. We’re still missing Delibird and Smeargle from Gen 2. But I believe the same, that Gen 3 will come in the early December days.

. . .


when u think will get the announcement this weekend since its early december ?