Generation III - Gen 3 in GAME_MASTER code



I found a LOT Gen 3 info in very important file called GAME_MASTER, which contains all server-side data like pokemon data, attack data etc, If you really want to read all of this, here you go: it was too long to paste it here so i made google doc

General discussion

Wow, it’s literally the Gen3 encyclopaedia!


Ye, spread it! It’s HHUGE news! And also hype train!


Gen3 is coming sooner than December, we have practically everything now!


Exactly! It’s now matter of time when attacks, maybe abilities and models will be detected in app data traffic!


Hype Train!! Let’s go. Gen 3 ghosts are too common and I completed it instantly but I will continue to play because I love this godly game!


I’ve gone through the GAME_MASTER code. Lemme take Clamperl as an example.
The code of Clamperl includes the following things:
Template id
Pokemon id
Disk radius in meter
Cylinder radius
Cylinder height
Shoulder mode scale
Base flee rate
Collision radius
Collision height
Collision head radius
Movement timer
Jump time
Attack time
Attack probability
Dodge probability
Dodge duration
Dodge distance
Min Pokemon action frequency
Max Pokemon action frequency
Base stamina
Base attack
Base defense
Quick moves
Cinematic moves
Animation time
Evolution stages
Pokedex height
Pokedex weight
Height std dev
Weight std dev
Family id
Buddy distance
Model height
Evolution id (×2)
Candy cost (×2)

I’ve spotted several codes are/might be missing: evolution items, abilities (if needed), base speed (if needed), distance of hatching eggs.


heard they might add new moves the day of release but who knows.