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I’ve counted 46 total Pokemon in the first wave just from the announcement. I’m quite happy with that number. Surprised about some of the regional choices though.


Called Heatmor and Durant being regionals. Definitely surprised about the monkeys being regionals though


Sadly, no trash bag


Was surprised this morning to find two newly-released Pokémon as tier-1 raid bosses nearby. Thought I’d break the news here, then read this article and found that to be part of the announcement, so no surprises.

And though it wasn’t in the article, the Disqus comments afterward had several mentions (so also not really news) that Drilbur was also available in the wild. (A wild Drilbur last night was my first encounter in the game with these new releases.)

I’m psyched to have the new release come. (Of course I’m WAY more psyched to have Mewtwo return, even if only for a week. I just wish it wasn’t on a week that real-life obligations leave me only about 4 hours to raid!)


Caught Drilbur in the wild myself, so I can confirm.


I can, too.


Having Durant as an Eastern regional seems like a nice little hack in light of Kevin’s move from Golden State to Brooklyn.


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