General Chat - Who's that Pokemon?


Seconds after Chikorita CD…


Its called ???


Seriously? Or it was just a bug after the CD?


No idea…im trying to find news


It is intentional


It is a teaser for gen 8


For a minute though, I thought it was Chikorita’s skeleton :joy:

Left over when all of the spawn was beam up back to server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“Niantic’s head of marketing for Pokémon GO in Japan, Kento Suga, has started tweeting about this indicating that it is a tease and not a mistake.”


Then it is deliberate then.

Nice one for a new content. Let’s wait and see for more…


I will called it NUTello then :rofl:


tried to catch it??


Yep, and I got 2 of them, that displays “Oh” and then transform into a Ditto.

I cant target the other like it after catching the first one, so I logged off to see if it was just a bug, then after logging in again, there were I catch the second one.