General Chat - Where used in go.hub database

I learned a lot by analyzing hub database - but there is one thing that is missing - or, at least, I cannot find the way to get to it.
When looking at the specific pokemon you have a tab called ‘Counters’ - this is great. It is handy when preparing for raid, super. But I would like to get the opposite info - for a particular pokemon - where it is listed as one of top 30 counters?
Against all pokemon or with the option to filter raid bosses maybe?
The idea being - how useful is this particular pokemon - is it only good counter for one or two specific bosses and it is useless otherwise or maybe it is a generic counter usable in many occasions?
I can see that the data is there - it is only a matter to present it as separate view.
Could you do this, please? :slight_smile:


Only a matter of proper sql coding lol
Great idea though. I believe @Thorend knows the editors

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If I’m right Thorend joined this forum just like all of us and when @apavlinovic more or less decided to leave the forum @Thorend became the new Administrator, so maybe he doesn’t no any GO Hub writer.

You could try commenting below articles though, but I’m not sure if that’ll work.