General Chat - What dou you guys think about the Legendary Golems (Regitrio)



What do you think about the golems?
I personally wish that we have only 1 month of golems with all 3 as Tier 5 bosses, becuase they are some of the best defenders and legendary… so I don’t think they are useful and I don’t want 3 Months of legendary trash…


I assume you’re talking about the Regi trio? I agree, considering they have no real use (can’t use them for their defensive stats) having a month of all three appearing is probably for the best. Maybe a month and a half to make sure everyone gets a chance to catch all three. They may possibly introduce the shiny variants in order to make them more appealing to battle.


They need to allow us to put them in gyms


Shiny versions of the regi trio is the only reason i would maybe want them a month long available. But just so i get 30 free tries at them. Dont wanna spend passes on them because if you cant put them in a gym they are next to useless :confused:


I think the same… 3 Months of just useless raids…


Yeah… Now its just two weeks and I already have enough of Lugia


Well… they’re cool I guess… Perhaps we all should once do the legendary golems/titans with just golems :joy: mud slap/earthquake or rock throw Stone Edge. :joy:


I love Golem. Wish I had more of them.


Legendary golem = regi


No, not Golem, but Golems, from gen 3 & 4 (my fault)


Gen 3*


Golems are from gen 3


The three golems, regice, registeel, and Regirock are gen 3, Regigigas a legendary said to control the other three is generation 4.


They are referred to as the Legendary titans. Maybe use that instead of golems to avoid confusion :wink:


Or just call them the Regis!


And one golem from gen 1 :wink: Not the legendary golems of course


Haha the Golem @bobbyjack8 thought we were talking over🙃


You can make fun all you want. I still like Gen 1 Golem. When each new generation comes out my son explains to me because I’ve never played the game. He has played each version.