General Chat - Shiny Rayquaza is coming



Can we get a “HECK YEAH!!”


I cant wait to lucky trade that thing


It’s nice. I’ll be seeing it in the break through in the near future…:roll_eyes:


All are level 40, stats are in (A/D/S) order.

Mamoswine: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Weavile: 96% IV (15/15/13)
Glaceon: 98% IV (15/15/14)
Cloyster: 98% IV (15/14/15)
Lapras: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Regice: 98% IV (15/14/15)

I’m ready. Might put together a beta-team, as long as I don’t have to level any up. Got to save on Stardust for Suicune Day level ups.


I’m in a discourt, bit do not have time to raid with them. It is a Discourt from near my worksite, not my home.


I’ll probably just run through it with my 5 Mamoswine and a Glaceon


Ive got exactly the same team @Necrozmadabest.
More than enough for an easy duo.


I was born for this day


I was gonna call you but I don’t have your number lol


Impressive strength on that diverse team, @Arem1771. What kind of movesets do those beasts have?

My 2 trainers’ teams aren’t as powerful; but they’ll be quite a bit better than last time the space snake came around. I’m psyched.


Here’s a breakdown:

Mamoswine (Powder Snow and Avalanche)
Weavile (Ice Shard and Avalanche)
Glaceon (Frost Breath and Avalanche)
Cloyster (Frost Breath and Avalanche)
Lapras (Frost Breath and Blizzard)
Regice (Frost Breath and Blizzard)


@Pokemon I sent you my number once upon a time



Having the popup say “I won’t post that until you make it a complete sentence.” would be MUCH more forthright than to pretend to ask “Is that a complete sentence?” and bounce me back into the text box to edit it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The bots have learned to become passive-aggressive.


Show time for my team of ice mammoth!


This makes me happy.
My passion for chasing Raids has taken a battering with the desire deminishing with each one coming out to where excIuding the 3hr special I’ve only done 5 Raids in the last 3 weeks.
I was a little excited about Armoured MewTwo but when I found out how poor my daughters 100% was it was like a balloon being popped. I really wanted a good one and then I didn’t want to do them at all as it was pointless. I think not being able to Trade my way to something better from all the trash I just keep getting has finally taken its toll.

Enough gloom. Shiny Ray here I come.


My whole Whatsapp raid group went nuts when I posted this yesterday… There was a bit of a raid fatigue in the last 2-3 weeks, I guess this will be over :dragon::star_struck:


clap clap


Yup yup