General Chat - No more candy from gorging mons?


I haven’t received a candy from feeding in weeks and its not from lack of trying. I feed over 100 per day and i haven’t seen a single candy since around the time of science got involved. I was only doing research that gave berries and dust so that I could feed and try and get candy but it seems like it has been a waste. Has anyone else not been seeing anything from gyms? At first I didn’t pay much attention as it is rare, but as time went on I watched every berry and kept track and nada.

If this feature is out then I might as well discard all berries besides pinaps.


I’ve got 5 candies over the weekend from dumping berries. The feature is still very much alive.


I got one five minutes ago. Probably just luck


Still alive and well here too.
Remember each berry is 20 Dust, never throw Dust away :grinning:


Gaining candies is stupidl uncommon, maybe make it a one it 10 berry chance?


Candies from feeding mons in gyms really is an RNG thing. I had 2 mons in gyms yesterday & fed 2 in one gym, 2 in the other. Didn’t get any from 2 x 10 berries in one gym but got one from the 2 I fed in the other (I was only feeding my & my gf’s mons as the others were not regulars in the local gyms).


I’ve never gotten candy from feeding gym monsters or I never noticed when I did.


There was some people who said it was 1 in 85.3


I got 3 bacon candies last night two were consecutive berries. It’s still alive and well.


How do you get candies from feeding pokemon… WHAT??? @Thorend @Mapman42 @NotanotherKangaskhan


Yes, but only if you feed them in gyms, not when you catch them (except for using the Pinap Berry).


You feed pokemon in gyms and get candies… HOW?


In a gym, tap the pokemon. Then feed berry. It drops a candy very rarely. It’s why pokemon with valuable candy like beldum and lotad often end up in gyms.


Gym candy is the only way I seem to get candies for Snorlax.


Why not using him as Buddy? Ok, it’s 5 km for Candy, but it works…


Walking the little car lighter 5km because I want second Metagross.

Gym candy has sufficed for powering up Snorlax and for Blissey as well. Perhaps a few Rare candies have gone Blissey’s way as well.


Using Pinaps, you should get a fair amount of Snorlax candy this month.


Any Pokemon in a Gym your colour can feed Berries.
If your Physically present at the Gym you can feed them even if you don’t have one in the Gym.
If you have one in a Gym you can feed it from anywhere any time.

10 Gym XP and 20 Star Dust for every berry feed.
600 Gym XP & 1000 Dust per 30min
Maximum of 10 Pokemon and 10 per Pokemon in 30min = 100 Berries per 30min before you can feed again.

When I’m Golding Gyms I always have one I leave Meagross, Salamance, Dragonite and Blissey from the Family accounts. This is the Berry dump Gym just for the chance of get bonus Candy from them. The rest I leave junk.


It’s been well over a month and I still have not gotten a candy again. I think my account is broken


Probably not. Either you got one and the game didn’t show it, or you have not fed enough berries, or you have got horribly unlucky.
I personally got 4 candies today on a berry dump.