General Chat - Message for @Thorend


@Thorend i made a new account yes. I would like to know what i did wrong. I have a feeling you just keep suspending my account because you feel like it and dont like me. First time i did get aggresive and stuff like that but THIS TIME? I have no idea what i did wrong. Which should be right because i did nothing wrong. You ruined my whole day. I was trying to be a part of the fourm and you do that to me. I would like my account reactivated. Please and Thank yoi.


I think alt accounting isnt allowed


How else am i suppose to contact him? My acc was suspended for no reason


Couldn’t you just PM him instead of making a topic? Must be a lot easier.


After reading the notes on your account you were suspended for excessive rude language, simple as


I couldnt find a way to pm


Tap on your profile picture (the P), then on the envelope and then on ‘New Message’.




@Jormdeworm did you mean to reopen this? :stuck_out_tongue:



It was your post stating” this is G** D*** Stupid”. I have asked you more than more than once not to swear or use profanity.

The actions I took have nothing to do with personal feelings. I don’t know you, I rarely communicate with you directly on these forums. If you read the message I sent with the suspension I thought I made it clear that because you actually have incite and do have interesting thoughts and perspectives it was only a short suspension.

I hope this is a learning experience and you come back and continue to post without profanity.