General Chat - I actually don't want raids


I actually don’t want there to be any Gen 3 raids excluding the ghosts types. I want there to be am aspect of actually hunting for gen 3 Pokemon. I also don’t want rare candies to be usable on gen 3 Pokemon. People will finish it too quick. What do you think?


Maybe an added difficulty like, when you don’t catch him in first throw, you have to walk 100m before he appears again?


Then dont use rare candies and dont raid new mons, simple as that


That’s my plan for if they do add new raids :slight_smile:I just don’t want interest to die out like it did here as fast - This is 134 pokes


Niantic should be smart enough to not change the raids up in a week or two, seeing how the new bosses have been out for hardly a month. And also, even if people have 1499 Rare Candies, thn is max one can have, that won’t even be enough to finish half of the Gen 3 evolution dex, let alone powering them up. If it takes 256 candy to get from level 20 to 40, players won’t be filling up their dexes super quick. With 15 three tier evolutions we should be fine


Don’t raids bypass the bag limit?


Yeah actually you’re right. But even so you’d need about 3500 rare candies to get the full evolution dex. And that’s if you don’t power anything up. If you wanna power up mons like Salamence, Aggron, and Metagross at the very least you’d need over 4000. That’s a bit excessive playing if you ask me


4000 is a lot when you think about it lol
People using rare candies won’t finish as fast as I thought


I probably won’t use many rare candies, but I will pinap the hell out of every gen 3 mon that evolves. I’m just looking forward to a new purpose in the game


You may be right but each & see how quick maxed out three tiered mons appear in gyms. Guaranteed within 24hrs of the pre-evolutions dropping.
Happened with Gen II, it will happen with Gen III.
It’s all good though, means I can spend more time sending them back to their trainers!