General Chat - Gym spin rewards nerfed?


Did they change the gym rewards recently or is it just me? I keep getting 1 or 2 items/gym spin when I hold the gym and my badge is gold, I used to get like 10 items or 5 at the least. I haven’t played much, the update might have been weeks ago but I just noticed the change. I don’t remember reading anything about this on Go Hub that’s for sure.


It’s a bug. It only shows first couple items. Check your inventory afterwards to see what else you got.


They just bundle the rewards up so if you get 4 great balls it shows one great ball but has x 4 next to it.


It has been really annoying trying to count to 10 gifts


Ah you found the bug that has been bugging me for some time now. It scarred the sh*t out of me getting so little. Until I checked my Journal. It’s all there.


I’ve reported that bug for the last two updates, and of course, Niantic doesn’t fix it. These last two updates were more like Bug Introduction updates


Thanks for the info.


I was wondering about this my self


I love the new bug that spins you around and jumps up and down during gym battles. Makes me dizzy.


Have not had that happen


It’s still doing it. Very fun time.


Still don’t know what you’re talkin about


Do some gym battles. 2 days ago it started moving you around. Back and forth and up and down. Did it on my son’s phone too. People on local Discord also reported it.