General Chat - Goodbye Go Hub (15chars)


Over stayed my welcome here. Bye.




Wait :sob::sob::sob: why are you leaving?


Wait, if you explain to me what happened i can try and resolve the issue :pensive:


The issue is him himself.
He proposes new ideas, but when someone speaks out against it he doesnt want those people in his topic. And he thinks hes the best, most active player this forum has, whilst statistics show otherwise. I guess he cant handle ACTUAL facts, instead of the ones he dreams up.


Ok, well if that is the case (i don’t really know myself) then he can stay providing he can handle criticism


I will not give you a “like” because of my position as Moderator. But you are so right in your opinion.

Everybody is free to defend his ideas, position or aims. But, please, allways you have to accept that there are people which don’t agree with you. And you don’t have to attack them because of this differences.


He has been creating lots of new topics lately and wants support. He did not get it and left… oh well.


You can stay if you wish @5GodLink. You’re one of our best contributors here :star:
It would be a huge loss if you left


And you are to!




Because @5GodLink says all his top topics are closed (which isn’t) and because he thinks we don’t like his ideas and don’t appreciate him.

I already told him that I liked a lot of his ideas, but if he thinks this is the best option, alright then…

He could stay if he want.


Them he doesnt know how i feel xD


He might have quit Pokemon go to…