General Chat - A useful Ditto Trick


If there is a Ditto in the gym,make sure you have a pidgey or something weak to fight with.make sure too that you have like a Heracross to fight with.The Ditto will transform in pidgey or something weak(like you first have pidgey to fight with)then switch to the heracross then its very easy to take down.


Or you start with a magikarp then go to jolteon, zapdos, exeggutor, raikou etc


I’ve never had to think about strategy when encountering a Ditto in a gym.


This is a type of challenge I don’t understand. I have to get out a gym with the less damage possible? What do I win? Instead of using potions I don’t have to throw them away? I get more gifts if I have lesser damage? I think this ideas go to far…
Anybody thinks what team to use if there is a raid for a Magikarp? I just go there, kill him, and take what they give me.


I don’t even see Dittos in a gym very often, but mostly the Ditto already died before he was able to transform🤷🏻‍♂️


It makes you complete battle faster


Hahaha, instead of 160 seconds you use 80, or 60… Whow, this is a gain that really emotions…


That can mean 200m for eggs and 1 mon caught for me
I almost have no time to play so i use it wisely


Ttar always wins. Always!


Have you done legendary raids yet? I recall a post of yours saying you stay out of spoofer’s way.


You have herracros?!?


Yes i have Heracross
Sorry that i made you jealous


Lol my only non normal regional is kangashlan
Cus my parents heard dortmund was terrible i couldnt go there…


Well it has stigma because of hitler…


Dortmund safari zone was good… ditto rates were boosted, someone I knew caught 2


You are in Australia? I though that is were kangashkan is.


He is in Europe. He got Kangastahn when we got Farfetched. Kangastahn is his only NON normal regional. I’m about to trade somebody one of my extra Legendaries for a Mr. Mime. We just have to wait until we are Ultra Friends so the dust hit isn’t crippling.


Ok, may your pokedex be complete and your dreams come true


I have a feeling that Niantic will set this up so your Pokedex will never be complete.


I had kangashkan from event