Gen 4 is in the next version!


Generation 4, will be added in the next version. :male_detective:t3:‍♂️ :pick:

This does not mean that it is going to leave now, but it will be added to the new APK, in which Niantic is working. Maybe, the arrival is scheduled for Halloween or the Fall Event (after) aside, the loading screen is modified.

I do not want to create hype … but between the end of the month of October or mid-November, the most anticipated of this year is coming, without commenting the player against player in December 2018.

• badge_pokedex_entries_gen4_title: " Sinnoh "


Source: Community GO News


That’s Great! Just kinda feels like Niantic drops new Pokemon right when predicted or speculated. But still awesome mews!


Really great news, it shows us that we will know if there where be new moves, and everything (Togekiss).


They better release new moves, we need better moves for some iffy Pokemon cough Suicune cough


Better moves for Ho-oh cough and ability “Slow Start” for cough Regigigas.


How does slow start Improve Registeel?


It doesn’t unless it gets a boost when it “starts”.

It has to have something like that, it’s stats are to OP.


Bucket list



So hyped for when the version comes out :heart_eyes:


Wait Registeel or Regigigas?


My bad.

Regigigas, the op golem.


Yep, you’re right, it’s gonna have something like Slaking.



Hoping for tommorow but it will probablu be Monday- Thursday for the version.


Yeah… I guess they want us to finish one event b4 starting a bigger one.


Go on community go news twitter, he just found rhyperior, lickilicky, and someone else. @everyone
And @DJNalu


I don’t have the bird’s app or social, besides Discord and Fb messenger 4 Pokemon. :sweat_smile:


No, you don’t need the app. Or an account.


You don’t need the app or an account.

I don’t have either.


Oh, ok I just looked, and I am set for Rhyperior, 100 Candies and maxed 98 Rhydon.