Gen 4 in Pokedex


Anyone else seeing Gen4 listed in their Pokedex? I didn’t notice this until today


I still don’t see it…


Which version are you running?

I’m on 0.123.1 on Android


1.89.3 (iOS)


Just seen this article that mentions it.
Seems to have been updated since I first read it and got the APK.


I haven’t updated recently


Android gets updates faster :smirk::laughing:


Yeah, you guys can get the kinks out before they release the proper version to Apple :yum: thanks


Haha, and probably Gen4 on Monday, do you think so?


No, I don’t think it will be that soon honestly. I think it’ll be at the end of the month at the earliest


Me too


Maybe the Halloween event will start as early as this Thursday.


:woman_shrugging:t2: I guess we will see.


Guess so, and cool shirt :joy:.


Mine IOS so I didn’t see it yet