Gen 4 finally here! Post your catches!


How you get shinx


Tier one raid




:star_struck::star_struck::crazy_face::scream::scream::scream_cat::scream_cat::rage: lucky @kevin_v_hoften


If every time you throw Great or Excellent with Ultra Ball, Pinap (if necessary Silver Pinap), you will have them next week! That could help … The starters I found very difficult to catch!


Not where I am…
There’s about the same of everything.


I see Chimchar the most but he keeps fleeing…


I have now enough chewing gums for all evolutions of Chimchar, but I need still 70 of the for Piplup


I hatched a couple of gen 4 starters today. Evolved right away.:smile:


I have 3 starly 2 turtwig, and 1 chimchar caught, and 2 kricketot and 1 bidoof seen.


The worst is I see you all have more luck than me in IV. 89 is not so bad, the three starters are not important in the meta, but still it’s annoying… :rofl::rofl:


Chimecho is not gen 4


My bad.:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


You haven’t caught it before


Never even seen it, but to far away.
It is 01:45 am here and have to go to work @ 5:00 am. Last minute call, had a free weekend, but there is someone sick, and once again I’m the only one picking up the phone. If I would go to sleep right after the call, 90 minutes ago, I would sleep trough my alarmclocks.

Now back on topic. I have a question.
Sometimes I see no gen 4 on the nearby list one moment, seconds later gen 4 is all I see.
Do you experience the same?


I had all the starters 2nd evolution on 2nd day after release. I have enough candy on most to have 3rd. I could get each one if I used my rare candy, but I’m saving it. I figured I’ll just catch the monsters to do it in about a week. Never gotten all 3 starters done this soon before.


Found a nice pic on reddit by SpookusLukas