Gen 4 finally here! Post your catches!


They are more balanced now then ever. I have saw 41/42/35 which is much closer in the past, especially considering it’s been sunny here since Gen 4 rolled out.


Most are under 50% iv here. It is grinding for an 80% +


Lucky you are… 100 liter por squaremeter in the last hours, streets prohibited to use…


I was able to catch ony the time before 10 o’clock this morming.

This foto is from a place 5 km away


100mm/h, that is heavy.


Yes, for tomorrow all schools in the area are closed


That is crazy!


Sometimes I have the sensation that the clouds here have a zipper. In a moment they open the zipper and all the water falls down in the same moment…


I like thunder tho.But this isnt OT,So please stay on topic.


This year I had a very local and short downpour. It was @ 153mm/h, but just for a few minutes and then it was over.

Do you have floods there right now @bagguille?

And is that weather thing activated that prevents the spawning of Pokemon or is there just a warning?


Yeah, several highways and streets are flooded, and a the underground part of houses without possibility to enter.




Lucky 91% turtwig :blush::smiley:


I got a (not lucky) Piplup that is 93%



What does infernape look like in the dex?






I am not in a hurry. I’ll probably take a walk today, though.