Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



I caught a 94% Wailmer yesterday while on the bike but sadly at 180CP it’s been sent to the Candy Grinder. It’s so Sad Wailord is just a collector piece Pokemon and the decision to bin a good IV is so easy to make.
I’ll just keep hitting Raids to catch the good IV I’ll evolve. On 390 Candy now so I can take my foot off the throttle now and cost along until the good one is caught.


You should probably catch those other mons to supplement the grind when you’re not raiding. No use having impressive mons like Wailord & any three stage evolutions if they can’t be powered up once you hit level 35.
Plus more trash mons to throw in gyms = more coins for premium passes, incubators, star pieces & lucky eggs (then delete the mons once they come back to you instead of reviving).


Highlights from today, thanks to the weather increased IV system



Any reason why you have to delete half of the CP?


Probably paranoid of Niantic banning this account, maybe an alt, maybe a spoofing account


If it is really this way… I’m so tired. The spoofers can do what they want, but why in addition they have to make a showcase of their merits…


Oh, so you dont want to see my 60 100IV Pokemon?
jokes aside, maybe its an alt


Lol idk it is cp 2149 lol. It is my main account and spheals are absolutely everywhere lol


Why hide the CP, stardust, candy, weoght and height then lol


Been enjoying the weather system, those are the first few Lotad i’ve Caught


I should have cashed in on Lotad last week one night when it was raining.
The map was littered with them but I was to focused on chasing Feebas and Wailmer. I also Go Plused it’s evolution by mistake and it dusted. Big opportunity lost. Will have to wait for rain again :roll_eyes:


No Lotads or Feebases for me although I have visited beachs. Does anyone else have this issue?


I cant find one Lotad or feebas.


No Lotads here, and I have only one Feebas from an egg.


Got my required 400 Whale Candy yesterday but I’m holding off on any evolution as the best CP/IV ratio caught worthy is 87% at 780CP. I’ve done 7 Raids now and come up with 3 87%ers. I did catch a 91% but at 200CP there’s no way I was going to be wasting Dust & Candy Powering that up.
Torchic is still the biggest pain in the backside for me to get a clean catch without it busting out of several curve great balls. It seems Fire types hate me as I have similar problems with Charmander, Cyndaquil and the Ledgendary Fire types. Yes I have the Fire type Gold Medal several times over so that’s not a factor.


I got lotad from lure, I caught feebas on my spoof account


I got two Mawile today, in normal one-star raids.
And two 0-IV, a Spheal and an Elektride… maybe in compensation I will get tomorrow two 100%???


I feel like 0% is rarer, because not many people check all their catches/hatches for them, they look for Wonders. Plus, the weather system means that you cannot get a 0% Pokemon if it’s affected by the weather, the lowest weather boosted Pokémon IV is 27%, Or 4/4/4. I’d hang onto them for a while.


Oh yes, I do the same, at least if they don’t repeat in the same mon. Overall I have now 4 of them. apart the two mentioned above, I have a Growlithe and a Spinarak.
And not only they can’t be weather-boosted, they can’t come from hatching. They’re really rarer than 100%.