Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



Slowly making my way up to a Wailord. Found 6 Of them this morning, which helped a lot


Feebas were coming up in pairs last night. Every time one would spawn, another would spawn within a 5min drive 10-20 later.
Bit annoyed 4 of them came up in 3 hours at a shipping terminal yard that is not accessible to the public.
Why these places are spawn points is just not right. We see unknowns pop up on the map here regular too.
Pinaped a heap of Wailmers in between the Feebas.

Only 8 more km and I’ll evolve Milotic from this one. Have change buddy 3 times now. Talking to some hard core players last night they said the bigest they’ve herd of locally was 80% IV until I showed them mine.
I caught a 150CP monster which has been huge compared to all the others I’ve caught but sadly it’s only 53% IV


Found out why I saw so many Wailmer this morning, turns out Chelsea harbour has a Wailmer nest now. Sorry for the messy writing on the screen, it’s not my photo


Awesome moment (combo ×7)


That’s a pretty solid CP for a Wailord, What was it before you evolved it?


It was 82 IV with 1182 CP. The CP of Wailord is not as good as expected.


Every Gen has a disappointing Pokemon, Wailord is the disappointment of Gen III. So much effort for what ends up being a useless Gym filler.
Once I’ve got one the Go Plus can catch the Wailmers as I won’t bother chasing them again.


I’m on the train to a Wailmer nest right now, Just Want to get the evolution done with as quick as possible (hopefully today)

Edit: just got this now from a weather boosted raid, not Gen3 but still a great catch

Edit 2: couldn’ T wait and just evoled


Finally got my first lotad today


Can you imagine? I’m still waiting for my first Snorlax…


It was just a bit of luck. At my level I couldn’t even power him up if I wanted to as well which is nice. I suppose it is worth having for that day when I have the candy and a good enough level to make me want to invest in him


I have no idea. I’m team instinct, and the appraisal of the Treeco is:
Really Strong!
Best Quality Defence
Itś Stats are really strong! Impressive!

It’s CP is 738, was caught in itś boosted weather, and is 6 candy 6000 stardust.
Moveset is pound and Grass Knot


Dont let people fool you, CP/Level matters a ton if you dont plan to power-up the mon
A 96IV Swampert at level 10 is million times worse than a 50IV one at level 35, if you dont plan on boosting him, for example
Your treecko is probably around level 30, so thats good enough


Yaaay! It’s my best on anyways, since I’m only level 28 (really close to 29).


Its not that great IVs. I think thats in the 60s range.


I finna be crying, but then again, I generally ignore IV Values


If you just want it for pokedex, then it really doesn’t matter.


Not worth power up in my opinion - when you get a battle with the best of them one then that’s good.


Got out on the push bike this afternoon to finish off the km’s required. 30mins after the evolution I hatched a 92% 123CP Feebas from a 10k egg.

One of the last catches of the day before putting the bike in the car and going home.


I like the new nest I found, hopefully I can get a 90%+ IV one now