Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



Don’t get stunned when you see it.


Lotad! Keep missing them along with Ralts :frowning:


Yet to see one anywhere, good find!


Yet to see one :confused:. Maybe someday I’ll find one when I’m out traveling.


And here comes the result of my evolutions of the day…


Don’t ask me what name they have, but I like them all


Got a CP 2233 Sceptile today - with Bug Bite and Aerial Ace. I have no charge TMs. Why?


Weather Effects? You know, if it’s there special weather in the moment of catching, they can have not only Cp-Boost, but as well changes in the moves.


It was windy and Aerial Ace is a flying move, so hmm


Out here, it seems all the gen 3 starters are so common! Finally got a grumpig, and was lucky to sneak in a groudon raid/


Feebas hunting has been going well. Finally got an IV worthy of evolution last night (88% 108CP). Caught 1 more this morning to now have enough Candy for an evolution. Just need to walk the one from last night another 15km to evolve Milotic :grinning:.

Wale hunting is going ok for the Candy but have yet to get an IV better than the 70’s. Sitting on 176 Candy thanks to some extra Candy from a couple of egg hatches.


Out of them I have just swalot and medicham


Congrats, still I have to find enough Candies for them


Theres quite a few gen 3’s that I still haven’t even seen nearby. Lotad+evolutions (Its rained a few days here too and nothing), Carvanha & Sharpedo seems really rare, Wailmer (no raids I have seen yet but I only have like 2 gyms within 10 miles), Barboach+evolution (no idea why this is rare), Corphish+evolution (again pretty rare by me), Luvdisc and Feebas & Milotic.

I saw a Feebas nearby once, but I wasn’t in an area where I knew where every spawn point was so couldn’t find it. Hopefully I can hatch it out of a 10k soon. Been hatching a lot of Mareep lately.


I got both Barboach and Corphish in eggs.


Yeah I’m thinking thats the only way I get them.


Today I got Barboach and his evolution in the wild.


And these are the others I got between yesterday and today…


Ive got a really good treeco I need to evolve (cp in the mid-to-high 700’s,)


What are the IV’s though? CP really doesn’t matter unless the IVs are good.