Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



So you dont want to see my 3100CP Groudon?

Jokes aside, I can help you with a raid if you would want to, if one more player would be enough


Not 3100, but close enough for me


In what way you want to help me?


It’s simple, they sit in their house and knock legit players out of gyms…why do I have to explain this to you?


As long as Niantic won’t stop, i think i will have to organise something like that…


Oh yeah, all the spoofers are going to give a crap about your gym
Stop trying to play the victim, most would help you in a raid and otherwise are too busy catching lv 35 100IV mons to fight you


Air support, I know guys that fight with you and help you beat the boss (even tho they often have to wait with cooldowns after 100IV Mons)


After walking the Park nest opposite the cop shop for 90mins late last night I got enogh Pinap Mudkip to take one all the way.


Holy crap look at all that stardust



Not my photo. From a extremely dedicated player in my area. I know them personally and am sure its all legit. This is from a couple months ago but now its at 14.4 mil.


Currently going 2/2 on Groudon, both were weather boosted and are 2851 And 2859. That’s 80% And 87%



Caught this while sitting in a waiting room to renew my drivers licence.
Normally a boring wait in these places but with a Poke Stop and Pokemon to catch the time went by a little quicker.


Caught a Delibird and 2 Spheals tonight.


Guys you’re right. The requirement of Wilmer’s candy is totally insane. However, be reminded that placing Wilmer as a buddy Pokemon can exchange 1 candy per km.


That’s so hype for me… wailord is one of my favourites :slight_smile:


Just evolved, decent CP and IV