Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



so ive gotten 4 of the 5 new hoenn pokemon (only missing bannette) and have gotten lucky with a witch hat pika at my house were nothing ever spawns and i also found a wild ursuring right after i evolved duskull


They are too plentiful…I was traveling when the event started and have no idea what kind of biome I was in because they were all dark/ghost.


I’ll be happy to see the back of Shuppet. It’s becoming a bore throwing multiple balls at a useless Candy Grinder Pokemon that moves around every where and breaks out of. Not quite as frustrating as Murkrow as it does have an evolution which I’ve cashed in on while Luring the Quad over the last 3 nights under lucky egg. Got the Candy up to 1200 than started evolving every Shuppet and Duskull I caught. This has made a serious dent in my push to get to L40 by end of Nov. Since the event started I’ve averaged 100K a day for 5 days and my average required per day to L40 has dropped from 61K to 57K.

I’ve caught 65 Sableye with no Shiny and no IV better than 78% so far.
I’ve got a couple of 91% Shuppet/Banette and a couple of 91% & a 93% Duskull/Dusclops.


My best Sableye until now has 90%, 80% in Shuppet, Banette and 86% in Duskull. But all of them with lesser catch-rate, and of course, not one shiny.


All my witchey hat Pikachu are pants!


I finished the DEX in an hour with two incense …


Guys, prepare your phones, gen 3 is arriving very soon! Don’t forget to post your gen 3 pokemons here!


Generation 3 is right around the corner right now.
Can you guys please post your first Gen 3 Catch here with a picture? I would love to see them!

And also what is your favorite Gen III Pokemon? :smiley:


My favorite is snorunt because it evolves into my favorite Pokémon. However, I doubt snorunt will show up until closer to Christmas.


I don’t think I can point one fav Gen 3 Pokèmon. I like Blaziken, Gardevior, Milotic, Aggron, Absol, Salamance, Metagross and Rayquaza. Theres some more but this is all on the top of my head.


I think you listed all my favorites from Gen 3 :grinning:


Definetly Gardevoir or Metagross


Haha. I knew it! This pokes are so easy to be loved. Lol


Guys, log in, prepare lucky egg and powerbanks!!! Gen 3 is arriving in 21 minutes! Everything looks like it will be released now!


What makes you think so, however


ITS RELEASED, GO NOW AND CATCHHHHH!!! Go and try finding one!


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I still doesn’t have anything new on nearbyyyyy


Ok theres someting new but it can’t load…


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