Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



Just now I’ve got a decent Feebas (91IV)


Be happy u have feebas. Only got some spheal and snorunt from that drop


Finally caught a lileep for the first time in a parking lot somewhere with partly cloudy weather.


I was one anorith … one - away from armaldo and one ran. I haven’t seen one since. I’m currently on holiday in a big city so there is many more Pokemon here.
I only caught my first anorith yesterday… r.i.p


Rare candy…?


I’m not using any rare candies on Gen 3 Pokemon (except Kyogre lol)

But even if i was, i have none lol



The aggron is from the city - aron everywhere
And i evolved for it


since yesterday i have an Aron nest at home, multiple spawns per hour just at home.
I’ll report back in 2 weeks to complain that i din’t get any shiny’s…


How can somebody fill up the box this fast?
Im a level 36 city player, have tons of mons for evolution, and I cant even reach 550


I only transfer when i run out of space


who said this was fast? Maybe it took him weeks/months to get so much.

Also, i know players who keep every interesting pokemon to transfer for candy in a double candy event. Spoke to someone who had 100 torchiks ready to transfer but was bummed the event didn’t involve double candy. Do that for multiple mons and before you know it: full box.
Also, keeping mons for evolve spree during xp event fills up your box pretty fast.


Lol i have some rules:
No Pokemon caught during 2016 may be transferred.
No Gen 2 Pokemon caught during February or March 2017 may be transferred.
No Pokemon of 100% IV may be transferred.
No Shiny Pokemon may be transferred.
No Legendary Pokemon may be transferred.
No Pokemon over the CP of 2000 may be transferred.
This means eventually I will be permanently full of Pokemon as my shiny, 100%, legendary and over 2000 cp list increases. Some exceptions may be made at that point.


Good idea, I like it!


all under 91%: gone. All above; keep

Only exceptions to that:

  • 666 cp pokemon (it’s a thing in my instinct group)
  • legendaries if it would drop me blow 3 each. I want 3 of each (final evoluationstage) mon to make nice rows while scrolling through my list. Exception to this exception are the really crappy mons (like a marowak) that i have like 1 good one from.
  • my 0% IV Goldduck :smile:


My rules:

  • Usually keep the evolutions of the new mons just to throw them at gyms
  • 100IVs get a star and are never deleted, just like shinies (so just that one lonely Pikachu)
  • Every 100IV/2000+CP gets a name with its specific IVs (percenage if not clear) and its attacks
  • If I have more evolution Pokémon than I can evolve, I delete some of them (lets say I have 50 Pidgey candy but 10 Pidgey, so I delete 6 of them)
  • If a Pokémon is weak, useless, not rare and fully evolved, automatic transfer


My rules:

  1. Keep whatever I like
  2. Oh, did I need more rules for this?


Speaking of shinies, I caught a third shiny Magikarp today :smiley:


My space are 1400… and I’m fighting continously to have space for 200… and nothing. All days by night I have to clean, so I can play the next day. :disappointed_relieved:


New Pokemon hype :smiley: