Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



Got this shiny Snorunt today, it looks even colder than the usual one :sunglasses:


Congrats, I would like to find one.


Thanks :slight_smile: It was my first shiny pokemon and I’m on level 31.


I have one red Gyarados and I’m in level 33.


I have found a few wailmers recently, but still only up to about 50 candies. I’ll just have to hope a wailmer nest pops up near me at some point. It’s kind of a dopey evolution, so I pretty much just want it for the dex. Feebas will be difficult…I’ve caught one so far and I never get 10k eggs anymore…hopefully I’ll find more when our rainy season starts in the spring/summer. Same thing with lotad…haven’t seen even one yet

What’s e deal with luvdisc? Some people say it’s somewhat common and others (like me) have never seen one. Is it regional or weather dependent?

Once again I have missed out on a shiny…caught a lot of snorunt and no shiny…add it to pikachu, duskull, shuppet, mawile, absol and sableye as shinies I’ll likely never get.


Here is the proof of swapped regional exclusive Pokemon.


Are they swapped in all places??


Yes, regions that had Sev now have Zang and vice versa


I’ve spent way too much time at the Wailmer nest…

Also, went on my first Gen3 evolution spree


Neat evos, but why evolve a Ludicollo this weak


It was the best IV/CP combination I had. I had a stronger Lotad, but it was only 60% and I didn’t want to evolve it


You will power up a Ludicollo?


Nah, I just evolved it to have in the Pokedex. Only maxes out at 2100, so it’s not worth it for me.


Haha my Lombre has a better CP than your Ludicolo.


Thats the point, a 1700-ish Ludicollo would be kinda fun to use for cleaning some weaker gyms


Funnily enough I just found a high CP/decent IV Lotad, So that’ll be next to evolve. According to PokeGenie it should be somewhere around 1850 after evolution. I’ll hold off until I can do another evolution spree though.


where is lotad, none spawn at beach or any pier


They’re usually very rare, unless it’s rainy weather. Then they’re relatively common.


thx havent had any rain in southern california since the weather event came out.


I have had rain a few times since the update and not one lotad.