Gen 1 Shiny ( all shinies )


Should all Gen1 shiny be available now(within this month) . Before Gen4.

  • Yes
  • No

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I want Machop CD so no.

Mayhe the pokemon who will not have CD?


Possibly. But does a cday really take away all the glory of “exclusive moves”

Shiny is a shiny i wouldnt mind all shiny available.

Cday exclusive move machop wouldnt bother me.


Saying yes because i’d love it. Will it happen? probably not


Hope for Machop and Gastly CD with their shiny forms.


There is no Reason, for Machop CD. It is common and Machamp already has it’s best Moveset.


Where is Superpower, and where is image


No, that’s a Machop that had a 3 week vacation in Chernobyl. :crazy_face:


All shiny available before gen4 makes sense because there will be less Gen1 pokemon seen in game once Gen4 arrives and so on, gen5,gen6.

Not like you’ll encounter them easily anyways. Their already in the game code. Just need green light.


Can someone who said no drop an explanation. Cause it seems you rather have no shiny gen 1 at all. Not all gen1 are getting a community day.

So, you dont want more shinies ? :thinking:


Just because it’s already been shiny doesn’t mean it’s a bad community day choice.


Remove the words ‘gen 1’ make it even better




More gen 1 shiny appearing slowly😈