Gen 1 event now live, what do u think?


So the gen 1 event is now live, with double candies for catch and transfers, increased gen 1 spawns, arodactyl and snorlax raids and possibly shiny releases. I think it’s nice but I’m blown out of the water with it. It can help people get the gold kanto medal and other things with the mythical quests but nothing I felt I couldn’t deal with. Also shinies are nice but never get me to excited. But i just want to know what people think??


I think the double candy is the best bit - with a pinap and transfer its 14 which is great for magikarp and wailmers etc I’ve never caught a wild shiny apart from community days so I am quite excited about that.


I agree, I’ve just been grabbing Abras and Oddishes everywhere for the candy.


Its good but if they release more shiny Pokémon it will be amazing.


Love it. My kids started playing only recently and this event is a great way for them to catch up with me.


It’s awesome just got to Gyarados and working on a second one a little bit more than halfway and too Machamp so far and evolved e the Charizard


It reminds me of the beginning of Pokémon GO, I found quite some old friends (hadn’t seen a Poliwag or a Staryu in months). But for some reasons I can’t seem to find a lot of trash Pokémon (a.k.a. “mass-evolve food”) like Pidgey or Weedle which would be great for candy/mass-evolve grinding.
The double candy and half buddy distance are nice, and I’ll try to get as much out of it as I can. There also seems to be double candy for hatching: I hatched a Porygon this morning and got > 50 candies.

But I haven’t seen any new shinies, nor have I read about any on twitter or elsewhere.

It’s an average event, but I usually enjoy every event, so I like it. And the sale boxes are great - so I can stock up on raid passes for Latias/Latios

It’s probably great for those still searching the ghosts for the Mew quest - Ghastly is everywhere currently!


Ghastly is everywhere a d so is magikarp i mean got 100 candy since event started at 9 yesterday btw i in england


I caught 4 Ghastly and they are pretty rare where I live so this event really helps


Found ninetales and arbok so far. Pretty cool


I like it so far because I still need more magikarp candy for the quests. I also need to boost my electabuzz, magmar, magnemite and charmander candy.


It’s been great so far, I found my first porygon 2 minutes into the event and have found my first two wild rapidash among a lot of other rare spawns for my biome


Both kids got their first Muk on a raid today. Of course I used my pass on another Latios that I wasn’t able to catch.


It’s amazing! I’ve played since the start, but due to 2nd gen and 3rd gen I’m lacking good Pokemon. 1st gen Pokemon are still the strongest and I can’t wait to gather Eeevees with great stats(IV), Snorlax, well all the ones I lack, many of them. I don’t have Lapras nor Dragonite, but I have Tyranitar only due to raids.


I’m running out of balls and pinaps quite rapidly. I seriously wish they had put more thought into the sales boxes, like, a Great Box with 20 balls of each type, 20 pinaps, 2 incense, 2 incubators, 2 lucky eggs and only 2 raid passes.


Awesome! When I play later I expect to at last get Golem and Alakazam due too a sudden increase in Abra and Geodude.


It’s ok, but doesn’t make me want to play more than usual…needs some shinies to make it more interesting.

I have started transferring the extra legendaries I have, so that’s something


I still have few gen 1 monsters kissing not any more getting keen later just need 10 more moms with berry then I have it


Now that it’s been live for some days I was wondering…
Some people said that there was increased stardust for catching evolved forms… But I don’t notice any change in stardust. I get 300 for stage 2 (Pidgeotto) and 500 for stage 3 (Pidgeot).
And - correct me if I’m wrong - that has been like that for quite some time now and has nothing to do with Kanto week.

So that increased stardust thing was just wrong information, right?


Personally I love Pokemon and I’m all about Gen 1 as it brings back alot of memories of childhood. Loving the double candies and buddy distances being halved. The only issue I have found is finding fully evolved Pokemon i.e Venasaur and they all seem to have a very low CP like 150. Is anyone else having this problem?