Futurism - Christmas event



What do you think will happen for a christmas event in Pokemon go?


Apart of Delibird? Well, I remember that 18th of december Creselia will go, so, a new Raid-Boss. And shurely some new members of the 4th Generation.


More Gen 4, definitely. Shellos, Bronzor, Finneon, Snover in the wild.

Glaceon, Frosslass, Mamoswine evos added.

Mantyke and Chingling added to 7K eggs to encourage gift giving.

A new Christmas box.

Pikachu/Pichu in a Santa hat … again …

A daily incubator for eggs per stop spin.

XP bonus.

Increased spawn rate for all ice types across all gens.


Shiny mantyke and chingling!?!?!?!?


No new things in 7k Eggs thanks. Already missed out on enough Pokémon I can’t get thanks.



@alex9945 @coolguy761 @UltraInstinct841
One of these Christmas days… :open_mouth:


They might have forgotten about Christmas event lol