Future regionals


What regionals do you thibk we will get in future


I think that atzelf uxie and mesprit will follow the gen 2 beast pattern and switch from region to region each month


I think those three will be research quests like Meltan, Mew, etc …


because we had minun and plusle
and now pachirisu
so next we should make pachirisu worldwide and get emolga is regional

but pachirisu is good regional for Canada


Troh and sawk Will be the same as illumise and volbeat, i think


Durant and heatmor could function like that too


Now that thevye covered pretty much the whole globe with local regionals, they will likely just keep adding more to areas that already have one, like they did with Carnivine

Maybe Emolga/Cryogonal for north hemisphere to counter Chatot?


I want to think that regionals should be stopped… That’s what I want to happen :grin:

Gotta Catch 'Em All you know :smile:


Pity they don’t rotate Regionals every 3 months and call them Travellers instead. At least everyone would get a chance to catch them at some point.
Putting them in 7k Eggs for a period of time is a failed plan as some people can’t have freinds to get eggs.


EXTREMELY doubtful, as that’s what people wanted for the Legendary Titans, and that didn’t happen at all. Likely, they will wrap up the Legendaries for Sinnoh.

As for what I assume could be regional, I’m suspicious that Cryogonal will be selected. The Throh/Sawk and Heatmor/Durant pairings are likely to be so as well. That’s just from Gen 5. There are about four or so other possible candidates in the future generations, only because it seems they target Pokemon that don’t evolve at all.


The Legendary Titans felt like a weekly breakthrough, which could still conceivably happen. The Lake Trio seem more like a month-long quest like Mew, etc.

Either way, I don’t see them as regionals. :smiley:

Also: It hurts my soul because it’s such a cool Pokemon, but I agree … Cryogonal will more than likely be regional. :frowning:


Likely so, since it just screams winter so it will likely be locked into the far north, like Pachirisu was.


Yeah, I was thinking above a certain latitude or something. Shame.


I hope that there are no more regionals, I can’t afford to travel the globe.


Very few can.
This is the one aspect of the game that gives a massive incentive for players to become filthy GPS cheats (Spoofers) and why it should be changed not continued.


To be honest, regionals are a silly idea. I mean, I get the concept but the average player doesn’t travel the world or meet others who do. It’s great that they made the Gen 1 regionals available for a limited time in friend eggs though. I hope that trend continues as it almost makes up for it.


Yeh, putting them in eggs was so fantastic I still couldn’t get them :rage:


If the reason for Niantic to implement regionals then in the Gen 1 is, “because they don’t really want somebody getting 'Em All that easily” and because there were still limited Pokemons that time, now it should be revised for these reasons, first they are already a lot of pokemons and they are adding already the newest from the Gen 4, and the most logical reason as many already said, only a small player base could in reality be able to travel to places where these regionals spawns.

So I hope Niantic would be generous and just make all of Pokemons available worldwide, “fairly”…

For me, I have this simple analogy…

If I cannot Catch 'Em All, then perhaps that’s it, accept the fact and gives up… some might resort to some form of cheating just be able to complete their dex. But if I completed my dex, then real life situations makes me stop playing, I will STILL Someday comeback as long as PoGo still exist because I know there’s still something in there that I cannot forget, my complete set of Pokemons.


Unpopular opinion: I like the regionals and I hope they keep them, it gives me a chance to travel and meet people in my community who have traveled to other places to get those regionals. But I do understand why it’s frustrating to some players.


I like the concept, hate the execution
We need to keep all of them in 7km eggs (make them very rare for all I care, include Mime Jr.) and get more events