Future Pokemon CP



What do you think certain Pokemon coming soon’s cp soon will be? What will be your favorite Pokemon’s cp?


What do you think Rhyperiors cp will be. Magmortar. Magmar is very strong, how strong will his evolution be?


Rhyperio’s cp will most likely remain the same as it is not at a super high level like mewtwo, ho-oh or slaking were pre-nerf. Magmar is not good, magmortar will be the best fire come gen 4 cp wise if you dont have legendaries. Tangrowth will be a great addition to the meta as the highest grass cp, with super solid attacking and defensive stats, but gen 4 is not going to come until after August at a min


I agree, thanks.Really helpful


If you need the cp for the future pokemons (excluding gen 7) go check them on pojekeassistant their pokedex has them all.