Future Legacy Movesets Regret!


If you’re anything like me you occasionally look at legacy movesets of Omastar and regret not having a supply of them collected from around the Rock Throw/Rock Slide phase. With the release of Gen 3 not far away and the possible change of movesets which may come with that I wondered if people had any current movesets which they’d regret not having if they changed.

Guessing Ho-Oh isn’t going to feel too much love here!

Is it time to clear that pile of TMs!?


Gyarados might get Waterfall over bite, and hopefully, Ho-oh will gain Ember


You’re like me and I think it’s time to use the machines (later you can get more)
I think a lot of people would regret not having obtained a Blissey with zen head/Hiperbeam & Vaporeon with Aqua tail


sorry I wanted to say Dazzling Gleam in the Blissey movement (it’s a headache)


The only ones I regret are the ones I deleted before I realised they’d become legacy. I now keep them indexed so I can see which ones have legacy moves & also as a reminder not to delete or evolve them.


The only move I really miss is Dragon Breath on Dragonite.
I haven’t been worried about keeping legacy moves.

I forgot about Dragon Pulse on Gyrados was another I was sad to see go. I never got a Gary with that move.


Its time, I guarantee the loss of Iron Tail and Rock Smash for TTar and Rhydon respectively
The Rock-type king is dead