Future Community Day wishlist


some pokemon i think would make for good CM events-

Lotad with Thunder Punch
Charmander with Blast Burn
Squirtle with Hydro Cannon
Ralts with Focus Blast
Beldum with Meteor Mash


The male Ralts will get their evolution to Gallade, so that one probably won’t happen.

I’m not a fan of Lodtad so I hope that doesn’t happen, but I would be all for the other 3.


I want Eevee because you can get 9 Shinys (Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon,Vaporeon,Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon,Leafeon, Sylveon)


I really hope they will finally start making raid bosses for them
Imagine fighting a tier 4 Venusaur again yesterday, with a chance for shiny
And, of course, Pokemon Community day quests, like catch 50 Bulbasaur, or 1 shiny


I don’t think “minor” pokemon are in the roadmap, I think starters and the “dratini” pokemon of each generation (600 base stats in the core games) will be the chosen ones, for now.


I really hope Pokémon like bagon and beldum aren’t community day Pokémon any time soon, they would no longer feel special or significant. I would be alright with larvitar however because it would give people who can’t get groups for raids together a chance at tyranitar


Is that your wishlist or is it just a possibillity?


It’s his wishlist