Friendship status


I got 1 ultra friend too, but my other friends or at about 4 to 5 days until ultra friend


Go Hub member?


I just reached level 40, thanks to my ultra friends. :grinning: And I completely forgot how many items you get. I’m at 2178 now. :rofl:

I’m excited about level 40, but, honestly, I think that those friendship levels give too many XP. You can send a maximum of 100 gifts per day and open 20. If you have a pokestop at home or at work, you could, theoretically, make up to 12.000.000 XP in one month with relatively low effort. That’s too much, in my opinion.


True. But this could help rural with no stops. Congrats on TL 40!:wink: I’m on level 34 :grin:


Tomorrow I’ll finally become Ultra Friends with my son and then I’ll be 8 days out from the next one.


Me? Just kiddin.


We are 23 days away. My fault because I want that LA egg to trade. I’m also trying to manage a 200 friend list and be fair to everyone.


Finally got my first Ultra Friend. We did trade too for a lot less dust.


Your son I assume?


Of course. But I am 7 days away on a 2nd one. I’m slowly getting close on a few others too. It’s hard not being able to raid everyday.


I love the xp from friends, i have got over 500k just by timing lucky eggs.


Anybody who can explain how the friend level XP works? Thx


This shows xp and rewards for each level.


How do i know how when i will reach the next level to time use of lucky egg. :smiley:

Or in other way, whats the best tip for timing it, if you know what i mean.

And the release of XP points you get reaching next friend level is done on opening recived gift? just wondering when to activate my egg…


If you click on the friend and click the hearts it will tell you how many days remain ubtil the next friendship level is reached.


That’s clear, but you don’t know when the other one will open your gift or send you his…


then we have to time it togheter right? open at same time? or can i let the other person open and i open mine and get the points? just wondering how it works to get the best out of it…


i have 2 or three ultra friends


For people i personally know I coordinate with them so we can both use lucky eggs if we want and both get the most out of it.


Yeah but when does pokemon app “activate” next friend level? ther is no like timer… if i send you an gift does gift opening triger move to next friend level? im struggeling to get how it works and how to time it just right.