Finding Aerodactyl


As part of the Special Research I have to catch an Aerodactyl. Are there any tips to finding one? It’s bugging me as I want this quest over and done with. Any help is much appreciated!


Get the field research task win 5 raids. It gives an aerodactyl.


And they are in 10km eggs.


Doesn’t count for the task though. I hatched one and it didn’t count. You have to actually catch it.


Thanks, I was wondering where I could get one too.


Right. So hatching doesn’t work. But completing the field-research you mention gives the player one to catch. I can’t recall ever seeing one in the wild, either; so this might be the best chance to complete that special-research step.


Field research and wild are only ways to get. Haven’t seen one in wild since last rock event.


Thanks. This may be my best bet then.


Watch out for tier-3 level ride with Aerodactyl.
It is fairly simple to do solo.
This is how I ended up with completing this task :slight_smile:
In last 4 months I got this task (win 5 rides) only once… (not when I needed it)


From what I’ve seen it’s not currently in three star raids :pensive: But will keep an eye out.
As for research, if it’s that scarce I may be waiting some time :cry:


Yeah, just keep an eye on what is available in raids. You’ll probably get your Aerodctyl there.